A potter since 1974, I work from my studio in West Lafayette, Indiana. For the first 25 years of my career, I produced pottery out of a basement studio. I now enjoy a spacious, well-lit workshop.

Most of my work is functional porcelain, intended for use in the home or workplace. I enjoy embellishing the surfaces with a variety of marks and textures, as well as building up a layered blend of colors from overlapping glazes, slips, and overglaze decoration.

From the most basic cup or bowl to large scale sculptural forms and murals, I like to see a complex surface that invites the viewer to “fall in” and roam through the form, colors, textures, and markings. And it is important that the piece feels good in the hand, with a pleasing heft and balance during use, while simultaneously inviting the mind and eye to roam the surface and form for surprises and pleasures.

I began my college studies as a math major, but was soon seduced by art classes, both studio and appreciation lectures. After a half-year abroad enjoying many museums in Europe, I was hooked. I received my BA from Lawrence University in 1971, and later specialized in ceramics for my MA at Purdue University in 1979. I’ve been a studio potter ever since.

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