Print this map and the description below, and bring with you.


If by highway 52 -

take 52 west, go 2 miles past the Klondike Schools intersection (300W). There is a small (easily missed) yellow highway sign for "475 W". Get into the left lane. On the right hand side is the Purdue Agronomy Farm. On the left you will see 2 small white farm-style houses. Our road 475 W goes between them. There is a left turn lane for the turn. What is most confusing is that there is a second sign - for the upcoming "500W" - at the point of the left turn lane for 475W. The turn for 475 W is a left turn only. There is no right-hand turn-off. Once on 475 W, go across the small RR tracks. Our driveway is then one-half mile on the right. Our driveway is directly across from the Fox Hill subdivision. There is both a telephone pole and yellow gasline post by our drive, and we have large boulders lining both sides of our driveway. Our address is 2724 N 475 W. The driveway is marked with a large "2724" sign. My studio is found by taking the driveway to the right of the house and continuing down the hill. 

If by 26W -

Take 26W from Purdue campus. Go to the 26W, Lindberg Rd, 400W crossroads. Do not take 26W any further (which is a soft left turn).... instead, go straight which puts you on Jackson Highway. Follow Jackson Highway northwest about 2 miles. There will be a gradual downhill flow, with a long guardrail on both sides of the road. At the IMMEDIATE end of the guardrail is a right turn only onto 475 W. Go up 5 driveways on the left side (about 1/2 mile), and our driveway will be on your left, directly across from the Fox Hill subdivision. The driveway is marked with a large "2724" sign. Phone number is 583-4929 in case you have a cell and get lost.

or call 765-583-4929